When it comes to the NBC drama This is Us, no one’s tear ducts are safe—not even the cast. In a new interview, Milo Ventimiglia revealed which specific moment brought him to tears over his character, Jack Pearson. While the 41-year-old actor could have picked almost any scene in the series (let’s face it: when haven’t we cried while watching?), he said he got most hit with the feels over a subtle and quiet moment between Jack and Rebecca in a recent third season episode.

For those who don’t remember, Rebecca is singing to Jack after a disappointing meeting with a record label. “Can I hear the song?” Jack asks, and she obliges. As she sings, he quickly falls apart, recalling his time in the Vietnam War.

Ventimiglia also talked about his favorite parts of filming Season 3, and they, too, centered around working with Moore. “Having played the marriage, played the end of Jack’s life with Mandy, it’s fun for us to go back and actually identify those markers that brought them together,” he explained. “That’s been the most fun. With Mandy, episode seven, the road trip, when Jack and Rebecca are on the road and they are kind of discovering one another and finding that they’re also terrified to really let each other in…that’s been the most fun with Mandy this season.”

This Is Us returns from its mid-season hiatus on January 15th on NBC.