There was some big sports game on yesterday but, let’s be honest, it was essentially just a pregame for the real main event: how This Is Us finally revealed Jack’s death. After over a year and a half of buildup and mystery, the NBC tearjerker used its prime real estate location of the post-Super Bowl game to grab our hearts out of our chests and rip them all to pieces by showing in detail everything that happened the night of the now-infamous crock pot fire.

After that evil faulty crock pot set the house ablaze, Jack, the hero of all our dreams, woke everyone in the Pearson family and escorted them to safety. As if that wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, he then left the safety of the fire-free sidewalk and went back into the blaze to save not only Kate’s dog, but also a bunch of family photo albums and that tape he recorded of Kate singing. If you thought that was the moment Jack was going to die, you’re not alone — but This Is Us threw us for another loop by having him survive the blaze only to then die alone in the hospital from a heart attack caused by all the smoke he inhaled when he went back into the house.

So yeah, maybe Kate wasn’t so far off all those times she said her dad dying was her fault. But also, don’t be so hard on yourself, kid, your dad was and always would be a hero. He couldn’t hear those sad dog barks coming from inside the blazing house and just let that poor, defenseless animal die.

As if you didn’t cry enough watching Rebecca absolutely break down in the hospital when she realized she was getting a candy bar from the vending machine just outside the room while her husband died alone in his hospital bed, then series star Milo Ventimiglia is here to provide you with even more heartache via some behind-the-scenes shots of filming that pivotal episode. Super Bowl hangovers have nothing on This Is Us hangovers, so thanks for making those even worse, Milo! false

And then, not to miss out on the perfect opportunity to make us cry even more, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman also shared a shot of Milo in perfect hero dad mode.

Hope you enjoy your coffee a little salty this morning, because those tears aren’t going to stop flowing anytime soon. Thanks, This Is Us!