The term “haircut” is one of the most casual words for one of the least casual events to ever exist. While sometimes, sure, a trip to the hair dresser is a twenty-minute wash and light trim, but often, a haircut signifies a major change — not only to the hair itself, but a person’s life. For instance, the game-changing haircut Keri Russell got during the beginning of Felicity season two is literally old enough to vote but it still goes down as one of the defining haircuts in history.

And we’d be remiss to not recall the drastic change Harry Styles made to his hair, effectively saying goodbye to those final years of One Direction, in favor of a new look to go along with his film debut and solo album. A new haircut can even take on a life of its own — just ask Jennifer Aniston.

So now that we’ve properly established that a haircut can be so much more than just a trip to the hairdresser, it’s time to get to the very pressing occurrence at hand: Milo Ventimiglia has just cut his hair and we need to know what it MEANS!

Yes friends, just a few weeks after formally (spoiler?) dying on This Is Us, everyone’s favorite dad has officially shed his iconic long-haired look. Luckily, he didn’t completely switch things up — our hearts wouldn’t have been able to handle a crew-cut Milo — opting for a more Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life cut.

Hairdresser Ashley Streicher, who is also behind Mandy Moore’s gorgeous look, took to Instagram to share the news:

It’s a subtle change, but it could have major implications. Meanwhile we also need to note the lack of Jack’s iconic ‘stache!

It seems unlikely that Ventimiglia is actually channeling his inner Jess, as it doesn’t seem likely that more A Year in the Life is on its way anytime soon, but there is a small chance this cut is directly related to This Is Us — and honestly, there’s so much to speculate about. Has Ventimiglia officially wrapped on Season 2? Did Dan Fogelman approve the look beforehand? Was shedding his Jack Pearson look cathartic for Milo, given everything that happened during this past season?

However, speculation aside, Ventimiglia may just be living his best life — and sometimes, that best life just needs a trim.