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Crock-Pot is having a hard time right now. The incredibly popular slow-cooker brand has had to deal with a lot of hostile and emotional people lately — and the hit NBC show This Is Us is the culprit. Fans of the drama are still reeling from the last episode, which sees a tragic turn of events come about due to the now-infamous slow-cooker. But in a new Super Bowl promo, star Milo Ventimiglia is promising us that #CrockPotIsInnocent.

This Is Us brought the pain in a big way in its latest episode. We saw a faulty Crock-Pot start a massive fire in the Pearson home — one we can safely assume causes Jack’s death. People did not react well to this turn of events and focused their rage and pain on the slow-cooker brand itself. Fans lashed out on social media, with people even vowing to throw out their Crock-Pots in solidarity with Jack Pearson. Crock-Pot had to actually release a statement promising its products are safe to use.

This may explain why Milo Ventimiglia (dressed as his character from This Is Us, of course) appears front and center in a new Super Bowl promo. Ventimiglia hopes that on Super Bowl Sunday, people will come together rather than argue over differences.

And above all, Milo Ventimiglia wants everyone to know: #CrockPotIsInnocent.

Milo Ventimiglia ends his hopeful message by ladling a heaping spoonful of chili — out of a Crock-Pot. As far as marketing goes, this promo is pretty brilliant. Not only does it remind us to tune in to the new episode of This Is Us after the Super Bowl (as if we would miss a second), but it also provides some much-needed positive press for Crock-Pot.

Still, is it enough to make us forgive what happened?


Only time will tell.