Eleven’s powers are shining through again. Aside from starring in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has already ventured into designing sneakers with Converse, launching a vegan beauty brand, and creating a Pandora jewelry line. Now, Brown is adding another major line to her already impressive resume: Netflix movie producer. As if she could be more of a total boss.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is partnering with 15-year-old Millie Bobby Brown and her older sister Paige Brown to develop a film based on an original story written by the two girls.

A Time Lost “centers on a long-standing feud between two Long Island families that comes to a head when one of their teenage daughters is diagnosed with cancer,” so it sounds like a real-tearjerker.

Millie will produce, and it’s not her first producer role, either. The multi-hyphenate is also credited as a producer on Enola Holmes, in which she’ll play Sherlock’s younger sister. Screenwriter Anna Klassen is poised to adapt the screenplay.

Netflix showed love for the Stranger Things starlet in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

All other details about A Time Lost are on the DL right now—including whether Millie will play a role in the movie. But we’re excited about anything that keeps Brown on our TV (and iPad, and movie theater) screens, so we’re keeping our eyes out for this one.