Elizabeth Entenman
Updated April 06, 2018

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s new movie, A Quiet Place, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s a genre-blending horror-slash-paranormal-slash-survival film. Krasinski, who co-wrote, directed, and stars in the film, put his blood, sweat, and tears into the project — and it shows. Blunt reaches Molly Weasley levels of maternal badass-ery with her performance. But the real scene stealers were Krasinski and Blunt’s on-screen children, Regan and Marcus, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe.

If you’ve seen the trailer for A Quiet Place, you know that the movie has almost no verbal dialogue. The characters are being hunted by aliens who detect them via sound. They must remain perfectly silent and usually only communicate via sign language. But that’s not the only reason they use sign language.

Without spoiling the film, a large part of A Quiet Place centers around the fact that Regan (Simmonds) is deaf. In the movie, the family signs to communicate with her. And in real life, instead of learning lines, the actors learned signs. So, you might be wondering: Is Millicent Simmonds deaf in real life? And the answer is yes. Simmonds is a deaf actress who appeared in the 2017 film Wonderstruck. A Quiet Place is her second major motion picture. She’s such a shining star, we can tell she’s going to have a bright future ahead of her.

We spoke with Simmonds about her experience making on A Quiet Place and how everyone communicated on set.

Her co-star Noah Jupe chimed in: “She taught me though! She was my teacher.”

A Quiet Place hits theaters on Friday, April 6th!