air joon
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When most people fly commercially, they sink into an alternate reality of sweatpants, magazines, and uncomfortable naps. But when it comes to the Millennials of Europe, there’s now a way to fully flaunt your age-related identity as you zip through the air. Air France recently started offering a “boutique” airline experience called Joon that caters specifically to Millennials, as reported by Business Insider.

“Designed for our Millennial customers, it will offer more than just a flight and a fare, it will offer a global travel experience,” Dominique Wood said in a statement obtained by Joon first unveiled itself last summer, several months before its launch. Now, the airline operates flights from France to a variety of cities, including Bombay, Cairo, and Cape Town. (Joon does not operate to any U.S. cities…yet.)

On board, Joon offers a slew of “Millennial” beverages, including craft beer, cocktails, wine, cappuccinos, lemonade with Sicilian lemons, and 100% fruit vitamin-filled smoothies, according to the airline’s website.

And if photos of Joon’s “French meals” taste anything like they look, they’re a step up from typical airline food. Food includes a variety of snacks, tapas, cheeseburgers, veggie sandwiches, organic fruit compote, and ice cream — and that’s just what’s available in economy and premium economy. Business class passengers enjoy meals created by top Michelin-starred chefs and a slew of fancy alcoholic beverages.

Long gone are the days of flight attendants in tight outfits and uncomfortable high heels.

Joon allows its stewards and stewardesses to wear t-shirts and sneakers. Super chill!

While Joon offers typical in-flight entertainment via a phone app, if you want the real Joon experience, you may want to spring for the 180° immersive viewing experience. As explained on Joon’s website, customers can buy 3D glasses for €15 ($18.53 USD) and watch 3D movies on an HD screen. Not to mention, all economy passengers get a pair of earbuds for keeps. And in business class, the seats come equipped with built-in noise-reducing headsets.

Even the safety videos are Millennial-friendly.

Joon isn’t as pricey as all the above information might have you suspect. Flights start at just $60. So if you’re looking for a place to let your Millennial flag fly, maybe you should treat yo’self to Joon.