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Updated Jul 11, 2019 @ 11:00 am

Another day, another uprising in Miley Cyrus’s comments section. The singer’s been actively promoting her new “Mother’s Daughter” music video—you know, the one where Miley’s quite literally feelin’ herself in a Britney-esque red latex jumpsuit. Anyway, one of the messages that flashes across the screen and has been reproduced on Cyrus’s feed is “Virginity is a social construct.”

As with pretty much anything pertaining to sex, people had thoughts about the statement, the bulk of which skewed negative. It seems that the whole “social construct” part of the message was lost on most, with many viewing Cyrus’s words as a blatant attack on maintaining one’s virginity.

Credit: @mileycyrus, Instagram
Credit: @mileycyrus, Instagram
Credit: @mileycyrus, Instagram
Credit: @mileycyrus, Instagram

Some also thought Miley was taking a stand against science?

Credit: @mileycyrus, Instagram

Though I’m not a direct Cyrus translator, it seems like she’s not criticizing one’s decision to abstain from sex, rather society’s obsession with sexual status. But okay, go off.