Caitlin Gallagher
Updated October 03, 2017

In order to promote her new album, Younger Now, on October 2nd, Miley Cyrus kicked off “Miley Week” on The Tonight Show. However, after the largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred on October 1st at the Route 91 country music festival, the artist changed her plans, and Cyrus performed “The Climb” on the show as a tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

When Fallon interviewed her, Cyrus explained why she chose to sing “The Climb” for the first time in five or six years (not including her recent performance on Instagram Live). She cited the specific lyrics, “The struggles I’m facing/The chances I’m taking/Sometimes might knock me down, but/No, I’m not breaking/I may not know it/But these are the moments that I’m gonna remember most” and told Fallon:

So to close out the show, Cyrus sang “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie to honor the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, which so far has resulted in nearly 60 deaths and over 500 casualties.

As she wrote on Instagram:

She had also kicked off The Tonight Show by performing a cover of Dido’s “No Freedom” with Adam Sandler. Cyrus explained why the lyrics of that song particularly resonate with her in the aftermath of this shooting:

Like many other musical artists, Cyrus spoke out about this horrific mass shooting — and she provided a positive message in these dark times.