Miley Cyrus
Credit: Getty Images, Kevin Mazur

New Year, new…mullet? According to Miley Cyrus, 2020 is going to be the year where the mullet comes back into style. After a tumultuous 2019, which included two splits—one from husband Liam Hemsworth and another from girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter—Cyrus is shaking off the negative vibes and shedding some serious length from her locks. She posted a series of photos showing off her freshly-cut mullet, and TBH, we actually don’t hate it.

Perhaps we should reconsider the whole business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back thing…

Don’t worry. We’ll get to the “NEW MUSIC” part in a minute. But first, we just need to talk about this hair.

Um…Is that you, Billy Ray?

Although Cyrus’s cut is definitely mullet-like, we liken it more to a shag than an outright mullet. Gone are the long, evenly-layered locks of 2019. Cyrus has replaced them with a sexy chop full of layers and dimension. It’s ’80s rocker, and we’re digging it.

Cyrus’s dad, Billy Ray…now, he had a full-blown mullet. That buzzcut top paired with the curly, shoulder-length locks is truly unforgettable…in a good way?

To be fair, Cyrus actually stepped into mullet territory back in 2019. In late November, Cyrus’s mother, Tish, chopped a few inches off her daughter’s hair, and did about a C+ job. Hairstylist Sally Hershberger had to rescue the cut and gave Cyrus “punk vibes,” as she wrote in her Instagram caption.

So, the modern mullet may not be for everyone, and we totally get that. In fact, we’re not sure we could pull it off like Cyrus can. But, we think we can all agree that “NEW MUSIC” is something we can all get behind.

Bring on #Cyrus2020.