Since her time as First Lady ended, everything Michelle Obama does gets attention. So when she tweeted a mysterious number recently, everyone understandably lost their minds trying to figure out who the person could be.

Of course, the tweet was quickly deleted. But you know how Twitter is – plenty of people got a screenshot of it before it disappeared. The tweet consisted of nothing but the phone number.

And since Michelle Obama doesn’t tweet much, of course Twitter was naturally suspicious.


The good people at saw the original tweet, and did everyone a favor by finding out who in the world the phone number belonged to.

Naturally they were hoping for a member of the Obama inner circle, like one of her daughters, her husband, or even Michelle herself.

But it turns out that the phone number belongs to Duncan Wolfe.

Wolfe is a Chicago based filmmaker and photographer who has apparently worked with the Obamas in the past. According to The Chicago Business Journal, Wolfe was one of 20 staffers who worked in the Office of Digital Strategy. He shot videos and photos of the president and vice president, including a video of President Obama and Lin Manuel Miranda from when the cast of Hamilton went to perform at the White House. false

According to one of Wolfe’s Instagram posts, he began working with the Obamas as an intern during Barack Obama’s first campaign. Obviously, no one really knows why Michelle Obama tweeted this at the moment. But we can only hope that it’s for some sort of top secret, ultra cool video project.

Either way, we got a good chuckle out of it!