Trilby Beresford
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 12:40 pm
Credit: Instagram/Michelle Obama

So it’s a new year, and we’re in the midst of welcoming a new presidency. Watching President Obama’s farewell address yesterday made us teary-eyed, especially when he thanked his life-partner Michelle for being an amazing First Lady (a role that he admitted she didn’t ask for) and bringing joy to the White House during the last eight years.

The emotions are still flowing today because Michelle Obama shared a family pic on Instagram, along with a message to her husband that literally couldn’t be sweeter.

The Obamas are known for being tremendously graceful speakers, and their love and support for one another is just so inspiring.

We’re missing POTUS and FLOTUS already! What a humble, strong, empathetic tag-team. And let’s not forget their sense of humor!

via giphySeriously, this couple constantly encouraged us to be the best versions of ourselves, and that means the world. When the presidential reigns switch hands, that inspiration will still be alive and kicking.

As we look onward to Donald Trump taking his position in the Oval Office, we all need to remember Obama’s wise words: “Yes, we can,” spoken during his farewell address. It can be applied to just about any circumstance, and a confident attitude always goes far.

via giphyAs Michelle and Barack move on to the next phase in their lives, we wish them all the very best. We’ll never forget you, Obama, or the way you danced to “Hotline Bling!” You and Michelle are special in every way.