Credit: Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Let’s get something straight — we love Michelle Obama. We love everything about Michelle Obama. But when we’re getting our hair styled, we don’t necessarily think of Michelle Obama. But, maybe we should. A visual designer named Nolan Beck decided to get a portrait of our fave former first lady shaved into his hair, and we’re pretty sure it’s something Barack would approve of.

Keep in mind that Beck had a real professional do the job. According to Marie Claire, he went to see the LeBron James’s hairstylist to get the powerful ‘do. In case you’re inspired to get a similar look, just try and book with Nick Castellanos — he obviously knows what he’s doing.

Beck was asked to get his hair cut by a friend for a photo shoot, and when he realized who’d be doing the look, he had to say yes.


Beck made sure to upload both a video of the look and his Michelle Obama inspiration photo to Instagram. When comparing the two, you can tell that Castellanos’s creation was extremely close to the reference.

According to Beck, the whole process took around three hours. While Michelle Obama is the first powerful lady to be carved into his hair, she may not be the last — Beck mentioned that he had a bunch of other women in mind for future cuts, including Sigourney Weaver, Tracee Ellis Ross, Cecile Richards, and Sheryl Sandberg.

So far, none of the Obamas have commented — but surely they’re honored by this very visual tribute.