Sophy Ziss
March 12, 2018 8:16 am

Today in “OMG, what?” celebrity news: Michael Cera got secretly married. And it wasn’t even to you! The actor and comedian married his longtime girlfriend Nadine, and it actually might have happened a long time ago. But now, the secret’s out: Michael Cera and his now-wife were out in Brooklyn over the weekend, being cuddly and wearing wedding rings. And WOW, we are so happy for them.

It’s no surprise that fans are just finding out about the marriage now; Michael Cera is famously super private about his life offscreen.

He has no social media accounts, and any interviews about his upcoming projects are either work-oriented or a little bizarre. Sometimes, both! Like the time he promoted his movie Youth In Revolt by hanging out with the cast of Jersey Shore all day. PER HIS REQUEST. There were always rumors of his relationship with comedian Charlyne Yi, though that might have been a joke-slash-performance art. (No one really knew.)

And it wasn’t until last year, when Aubrey Plaza confirmed that she and Cera dated for “a long time,” that fans even knew that was real. Per Plaza, they spent a year and a half together, and their time included a cross-country road trip that almost saw the pair married in Vegas.

Even Us Weekly, which broke the secret marriage news, doesn’t have the full scoop on the Cera-mony. Says the magazine: “While it is unclear when Cera and Nadine began dating and when they tied the knot, he has been wearing the ring on his left hand since at least January 2017. His rep had no comment when Us Weekly reached out.”

Well, okay. *Arrested Development voice* I’m not sure what I expected.

So it seems like congrats (maybe belated congrats?) are in order for Michael Cera and Nadine. In the meantime, we’ll just be here re-watchingScott Pilgrim vs. the World and thinking about that one time Michael Cera was in an Olsen twins movie. But also, not like that’s really out of the norm for us.