Sometimes, it seems as though misogyny is both insidious and unstoppable. In addition to issues like the gender wage gap and a lack of guaranteed paid maternity leave, women frequently face everything from sexual harassment and micro-aggressions on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are men out there ready and willing to serve as allies when it comes to fighting misogyny, and they’ve been asked to share their stories via a viral twitter thread. Twitter user @emrazz started the conversation with a March 2nd tweet addressed to the “good guys” of the world.

The responses came pouring in. As of this morning, March 4th, the tweet had received more than 850 replies and almost 5,000 likes. The stories men shared ranged from telling a friend not to whistle at women to helping someone get home safely. No matter the situation, each anecdote serves as an example of how men can leverage their privilege to make meaningful change.



Several pointed out that pointing out misogyny doesn’t have to involve confrontation.

And some took action even though they were scared.


Women also weighed in, sharing stories of how they supported other women.

Some might argue that this thread is celebrating men for merely doing what should be expected of everyone—aka just being decent human beings. However, we unfortunately live in a world where we can’t take human decency for granted, so it’s heartening to know that allyship does exist. Because the world needs it.