melissa mccarthy passed out ham sandwiches at the golden globes
Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images for BAFTA Los Angeles

If you ever find yourself stuck at an awards show with no snacks, look for Melissa McCarthy. Because at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, she made sure everybody ate.

According to Variety, many stars who go to the Globes end up hungry before the event even starts because dinner is served while they are still on the red carpet taking photos and doing interviews. And no one wants to sit through a three-hour event hangry. Imagine watching the Globes without popcorn and pizza—no, thank you. So to combat that extreme tragedy, McCarthy decided to take matters into her own hands, supplying ham sandwiches to anyone in need.

In fact, to be more specific, she brought 40 subs from L.A. brunch haven Joan’s On Third, keeping them hidden so as not to draw attention to her mission, and apparently, it worked, because she’s already joking about continuing the tradition next year.

It seems like people at the Golden Globes really appreciated the extra effort, including Jessica Chastain, who talked to Variety about her snacks.

Sounds like what McCarthy did was truly a public service—and there’s no doubt that her fellow hungry celebs were thankful she went the extra mile: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama winner Olivia Colman even gave her a shout-out in her acceptance speech.

According to this pic shared by her husband, Ben Falcone, it looks like she managed to get the ham sandwiches into the event in a bag complete with ice packs—because food safety matters, y’all.

We really hope that McCarthy does bring hot dogs next year. We’ll be first in line.