Olivia Harvey
January 31, 2018 7:12 am

Last night, January 30th, a slew of Democrats attended the 2018 State of the Union dressed in black and donning Time’s Up pins. The gesture was designed to both show support for the #MeToo movement and make a point about our current president, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by 19 women. However, amid the sea of black, First Lady Melania Trump stood out in an all-white Dior pantsuit. And some think this was a purposeful snub directed at the #MeToo movement.

Melania has stayed relatively silent regarding her husband’s rumored sexual misconduct and infidelity. She filed Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape under mere “boy talk,” though she did tell Anderson Cooper in October 2016 that the language Trump used (“grab ’em by the pussy”), “was inappropriate. It’s not acceptable.”

And Melania has remained noticeably silent on the current conversation on sexual assault and harassment taking place in the country. So some are wondering if Melania was taking a direct — albeit silent — swipe at the movement with her choice of wardrobe.

There are of course other theories surrounding Melania’s decision to wear white. The State of the Union was Melania’s first public appearance after the Stormy Daniels story broke in The Wall Street Journal. The story alleges that Trump had an affair with the adult film star in the months after he and Melania’s son Barron was born.

Sources have claimed that the first lady was shocked and angered by the recent report. According to CNN, Melania rode in a separate car from her husband to last night’s event, unlike first ladies in the past. CNN also pointed out that last year, female Democrats wore white (the color of suffragettes) to Trump’s address to the Joint Session of Congress in protest. And attendees of Sunday’s Grammys also carried white roses in support of assault victims.

Could Melania’s pantsuit actually be a sly snub against her own husband?

The true meaning behind Melania’s State of the Union attire will most likely never be known. And it of course could mean nothing at all. What do you think?