Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara tied the knot back in December 2018, and now their stunning wedding footage is the basis for Trainor’s new video for “Marry Me,” a song from her upcoming album The Love Train. All pop stars should just repurpose their wedding videos as music videos for love songs because this is almost too romantic for words.

The best part, though, is that the opening lyrics of “Marry Me” are “I don’t need a cake/a fancy wedding’s not for me,” but the video is of literally the world’s fanciest wedding (we get the sentiment, though). The music video also captured Sabara’s adorable dance tribute to his wife, which you should watch in full here if you haven’t already.

Though the couple got engaged a year and a half into their courtship, Trainor wrote “Marry Me” a few weeks after meeting Sabara, which is bold as hell and we dig it.

Trainor also told Today that she’s got massive baby fever now.

We cannot wait for the delightfully extra baby announcement that eventually comes from these two. Maybe in the form of a music video?