Molly Thomson
June 12, 2018 7:18 am

We are here to inform you that Meghan Markle, the beloved Duchess of Sussex is not, in fact, a robot — no matter what the internet may currently want you to believe.

A conspiracy theory that Meghan Markle isn’t real swept Twitter this week after a video from the Britain’s Got Talent finale resurfaced. In the viral clip, “Prince Harry” and “Meghan Markle” clap in the crowd, but while their bodies move, their faces stay completely and eerily immobile. To be fair, to the unsuspecting viewer, the clip is unnerving.

And Twitter. Has. CONCERNS. Especially when it comes to Markle’s vacant, frozen expression. Seriously, this is causing Avril-Lavigne-has-a-clone levels of hysteria.

Another user has a theory and it involves Sophia the robot.

Then there are some ~wilder~ conspiracies out there for avid The Crown viewers.

Okay, stop the madness! We have answers. The reason Markle’s face isn’t moving in the clip is because…it isn’t Markle’s face at all. It’s actually a wax mask, courtesy of Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds used the reality show to promote their new Live Figures exhibit in London, in which lifelike wax faces have human, moving bodies.

There you have it. Meghan Markle is definitely not a robot. (However, those Live Figures are definitely creep-tastic).

Questions? Comments? (Understandable) concerns?