Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 31, 2020 @ 6:04 pm

Akeisha Land, a woman who runs an Instagram account for her influencer toddler, Greyson, didn’t think twice about posting a selfie on her daughter’s account. It was a super cute pic of herself and Greyson in matching T-shirts—nothing out of the ordinary. However, many of Greyson’s followers had to do a double-take. Wait…was that just…Meghan Markle?

Land has gotten the “you look like Meghan Markle” comment before when she’s posted prior selfies on Greyson’s feed. But this photo blew up. Practically every other comment has something to do with the fact that Land is Markle’s doppelgänger, and TBH, we have to agree.

One of Land’s followers commented, “Omg I thought you were Meghan Markle for a sec.” Another wrote, “Even i had to sit here and say to myself …. ‘ain’t that Meghan?'” And another follower commented, “You and Megan Markle are twins!”

Though the whole experience has been a bit anxiety-inducing, Land said that she finds it very flattering to be compared to Markle.

Once the dust settles on her new social media fame, Land said that she would definitely be interested in doing body-double work if the opportunity arose. And she’d be more than willing to step in for Markle at any royal-related function.

Seriously. These two could have been separated at birth, for all we know.

But, for now, Land said she’ll first try to put herself in front of the camera more to see how the public responds. “I definitely want to put myself out there more…I really love fashion and also talking about mom stuff.”

Truth be told, we’re not totally convinced Meghan Markle isn’t pulling a big, public stunt.

If you’re interested in following Land for her looks or her potential blogging, check out Greyson’s account to stay up to date on the happenings of Meghan Markle’s twin.