Meghan Markle may be new to royalty, but it seems she’s adapting quite well to her new post as Duchess of Sussex. Ever since the royal wedding on May 19th, the 36-year-old has acquired many things — a new husband, a new title, and (potentially) a new English accent.

Footage of Markle greeting the public during her visit to Cheshire with Queen Elizabeth II in June has resurfaced and gone viral after fans noticed that she seemed to have a slight accent. Considering she went from living in Los Angeles (and Toronto) to hearing nothing but British accents 24/7, it makes sense that she might be picking one up.

Listen for yourself, below. Do you hear a difference?

Though she doesn’t say much, you can definitely spot that something is different, especially when she says “Thank you.” Even the way she says, “Oh, did you?” is sounding very London-esque to our ears.

Obviously, Twitter has a lot of feeling about Markle’s potential new accent, and people are divided about whether they like it or not.

Some were surprised:


Some supportive:

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And some don’t like it…le sigh.

Honestly we’d be surprised if she moved to a brand new country and didn’t develop a bit of a discernible accent. So let’s chill…and also put on our best British accents for the remainder of the day.