Madison Vanderberg
February 21, 2018 10:15 am

Megan Fox has had a long career in Hollywood, conquering everything from action movies to beloved sitcoms, but in a new interview, she got real about an industry she calls “morally bankrupt.” In the sit-down with E! News, the interviewer set her up for the question by saying that the public may think working as an actress is all “glamour.” Fox took the opportunity to pop off.

“You are a commodity, you are something the studio owns,” she told E!. “As long as you survive filming and they’ve gotten what they need from you they don’t really care if you drop dead afterward. It doesn’t matter if you break an arm or you break a leg.”

Fox has appeared in several Transformers films, as well as other hugely expensive studio action films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we can only imagine what kind of injuries one could sustain doing stunts on them.

This isn’t the first time Fox has expressed this sentiment. In November 2017 she told Prestige magazine that she’s suffered many on-set injuries but couldn’t do anything about it. “You can’t shut down a movie set — it’s $2 million a day halted — even though insurance covers it,” she told the publication. “We usually fight through the injuries. As long as your face looks OK, they don’t care and they want you to keep shooting anyway.”

Currently, Fox has two films listed on her IMDB page as in post-production and is lending her voice to an upcoming animated feature. We seriously hope that she finds creators and collaborators who possess that empathy and concern she wants…and deserves.