Karen Belz
Updated Mar 09, 2018 @ 12:29 pm
Credit: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

When fast food chains class it up, we’re so there. While we love McDonald’s, we never thought it’d be an ideal location to “book” for Mother’s Day — but that might change. McDonald’s is offering a special, three-course meal for moms this year, but there’s one catch — it’ll only be available at one location in Newcastle, England.

The McDonald’s, located on Northumberland Street, had a Valentine’s Day event that went well, so they wanted to plan their next big occasion. And we have to admit — it’s a great way to bring families together, especially on a budget. Metro.com reports that the three-course meal will be offered at £10, which is currently the equivalent of just a little less than $14.

The Sun reported that the meals will include a selection of three starters, five main courses (think burgers), and four desserts. The starter options include carrots with cream cheese dip, mozzarella sticks, or nuggets. For the main course, moms can choose between a variety of sandwiches that aren’t even available at United States franchises yet, like the Chicken Legend and Veggie Burger. And if mom feels like having a filet-o-fish or classic cheeseburger on her special day, she can have it.

Well, it’s definitely different. But also kind of wonderful in its own McDonald’s way? We’re now wondering if any U.S. locations will follow suit.