San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There’s a lot of devastation going on in Puerto Rico right now. San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, has issued several pleas for help from the U.S. government on behalf of Puerto Rican citizens. President Trump responded with barbed tweets that seemed to accuse the Puerto Rican officials of being the cause of their own misfortune…after a hurricane devastated their infrastructure.

Mayor Cruz has been very candid about the issues Puerto Ricans are facing. Her initial comments to the press have been matter-of-a-fact and pointed towards getting relief efforts for the island.

So President Trump got on Twitter and responded with an odd forcefulness, seeming to blame “fake news” and Democrats for the lack of relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

The most generous interpretation of these statements is still pretty awful. It reads like Trump is saying that Puerto Rican officials aren’t trying hard enough, and that they can’t get their own citizens on board. The news of this response got back to Mayor Cruz — and with all of her relief efforts right now, she simply doesn’t have time for it.

Carmen Yulín Cruz isn’t here for a fight. She’s here to help.

In another moment of speaking with the press, Cruz talked about the personal attacks from the President a bit more candidly, saying,

And for the record, it certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed down her work.

If anything, it’s only encouraged more people to get involved in helping to save Puerto Rico. And it even inspired some public figures, like Lin-Manuel Miranda, to come to Cruz’s aid.

If you’d like to donate to Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico, here’s what you can do.

You can go to UNICEF, The Hispanic Federation, and United for Puerto Rico to donate. Like Cruz says, there’s no time for politics right now — only time to save lives.