New Girl might be ending, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the New Girl party anytime soon. In fact, stars Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield have a great idea for more New Girl — but it’s not a reboot. Oh no, not that. Instead, they want to take the show on the road. Or better yet, they want to take their show on the road, and it won’t exactly be more New Girl but rather more like, “Jake and Max hang out and people can watch.”

Honestly, though, that sounds like the best idea ever. When and where do we show up?

Ahead of the New Girl series finale, the cast (sans Lamorne Morris, sadly) gathered on the Fox lot in Los Angeles to bid adieu to their long-running sitcom. The chemistry onscreen definitely translates offscreen, as Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, Johnson, and Greenfield couldn’t stop cracking jokes to reporters there. They also came up with some pretty great ideas, too, like a traveling New Girl show — but the show is actually just Johnson and Greenfield goofing around with one another.

This brilliant, brilliant idea comes from the fact that these two spent countless hours playing Madden Football together, and now that the show has wrapped, they don’t see each other as often anymore…and can’t play Madden. Basically, it sounds like these two played Madden and every now and then got around to filming seven seasons of a hit TV show.

“If there was a hiatus week it’s all I would think about,” Johnson explained. “I would be at home with my family thinking we got [a football game] on Monday. Come Monday morning, [Max and I] would come early to work drinking coffee, ready to play this game. And it’s been a major loss in my life not playing Madden…because we were great [at this game]. Medium actors, but real top of line at the level of Madden players.”

If you think these two are just looking for any excuse to see one another, that is true. Because, FYI, Greenfield wasn’t even supposed to *be* at the New Girl event, but as Johnson explains, “He said to me last night, he’s like ‘I’m in Vancouver’ and then he’s like, ‘What are you up to?’ I go, ‘I’m doing the New Girl thing tomorrow,’ and he goes ‘I’m coming.'”

So if Greenfield and Johnson need a reason to hang out, and in the process we get a traveling Schmidt and Nick show, that’s fine. That sounds like a scenario where we’re all winners.