Madison Vanderberg
January 07, 2019 10:59 am

Most weddings follow a certain script: White dress, vows, dance party, photo booth, the end. Other weddings throw a fun quirk into the mix, like nixing the first dance in favor of a lightsaber battle or saying “I Do” at a Taco Bell. But asking your guests to solve math equations at your wedding is a new tradition that, um, we’re not sure is going to catch on. An anonymous bride wrote on Facebook that she and her fiancé (both mathematicians) are planning to ask their guests to answer math equations to find out what table they’ve been seated at for the reception.

Someone shared her post to the Reddit Bridezilla thread (lol, sorry girl) and the internet is divided over this math-themed wedding.

Most people thought the idea was kind of exhausting. Someone on Reddit wrote, “I’ll put your gift in a safe and you can work out the combination,” another said they wouldn’t even attend the wedding “due to a very likely mathematically-induced anxiety attack.” One Reddit user thought the math equations could be “potentially belittling to certain guests.” A wedding venue employee laid it out best when they said, “I work at a wedding venue and we get lots of couples who think of games, puzzles, etc. for finding seating assignments. What ends up happening is everyone gets their table from the wedding planner or the caterer with the seating spreadsheet. During the cocktail hour, no one has time for this sort of thing.”

However, some people were into the idea, calling it “kinda cute and adorable” and “very nerdy, but cute.” In defense of the bride, she did say that “every guest/couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.”

Also, because the bride and groom are mathematicians, the bride said that most of their friends have a “research-level mathematical background,” so who knows, their wedding guests might totally dig it.