Mary Shelley Elle Fanning
Credit: IFC

“A woman is not intelligent enough to form ideas of her own,” a horribly ignorant lord tells Mary Shelley (Elle Fanning) in the first trailer for Mary Shelley, and boyyyyy, does she go on to show him. Because, as you probably know, Mary Shelley is the fierce and feminist author behind the 1818 literally classic, Frankenstein.

And her work is all the more impressive, considering what it took to get it published. Which is to say, that sexist man was far from the only obstacle for Shelley. As we see in the trailer, Shelley encounters doubt time and time (and time) again as she works to bring her now-infamous monster to the page. But, nothing gets in her way. She’s determined, confident, and a fighter:

“Are you suggesting the work belongs to Mr. Shelley? It’s my story,” she says to one man who calls the subject of her work “curious” for a young woman. “And you dare question a woman’s ability to experience loss, betrayal, death?” Later, she says, “If I had not learned to fight through the anguish, I would not have found this voice.”

Like we said, Shelley was fierce and feminist as hell. And there’s a lot more where that came from…

Here’s the synopsis and trailer for Mary Shelley:

We absolutely can’t wait to watch! Mary Shelley also stars Maisie Williams, Joanne Froggatt, Stephen Dillane, and Bel Powley, and it lands in theaters on May 25th, and on VOD on June 1st.