Rachel Paige
Updated March 04, 2018

The Oscars are already a heightened time for emotions, when you try to figure out if your favorite movie from the past year will take home that gold trophy. But now add in a trailer — the FIRST TRAILER — for Disney’s upcoming Mary Poppins sequel? Honestly, just thinking about the trailer has us crying like we’re watching the end of Oscar-nominated Call Me By Your Name all over again.

While the trailer is short and doesn’t reveal much about the story, it is emotional AF. The sequel — not reboot, but sequel — picks up roughly 20 years after the events of the first film. Jane and Michael have grown up and have their own children, but when tragedy strikes their family (Michael’s wife dies 😢,) the only one who can piece all the broken parts of their hearts back together is Mary Poppins.

Taking over the role for Julie Andrews is Emily Blunt, and joining her for this jolly holiday is Lin-Manuel Miranda as a brand new, not-Bert character, Jack. So obviously, this is already your new favorite movie.

A tiny short tease played during the 2018 Oscars, and the full teaser is now available online. You should watch it again and again until your heart has grown at least three sizes.

While we can’t tell if anyone is freaking out *inside* the Dolby Theater about this teaser, Twitter is lit with Poppins feels right now:


Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters on December 25th, 2018, and yes, it feels like forever away right now.