Madison Vanderberg
Updated Aug 28, 2018 @ 10:31 am

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the most mysterious beings in Hollywood. Many millennial women grew up alongside the twins, devouring their straight-to-VHS films and bringing photos of them to Supercuts as if to say “give me the hair of Olsen twins.” Then, the twins went to college and fell under the radar only to surface at Met Galas and do rare promotion for their fashion label, The Row. The last time they gave us any details about their sisterly bond was an InStyle interview in 2016. Two years later and the sisters are in WSJ Magazine to promote the launch of their first menswear collection, but we skimmed through the interview for any details about their mysterious personal lives.

The girls talked about their lifelong relationship as both sisters and business partners, saying they’ve had “32 years of learning how to communicate,” with Ashley comparing their relationship to that of “a marriage and a partnership. We have had ups and downs.”

Mary-Kate claimed they are such good partners, because “we do everything together…we came out of the womb doing that.”

We often wonder why the sisters are so secretive and very opposite-of-Kardashian and Ashley broke it down for us. She suggested that their very public childhood has much to do with why they are so MIA now.

That’ll have to tide us over for the next two years or so, which is probably the next time we’ll hear from our fave fashion mogul twins again.