Do you know where your supersuit is? You better go and find it, because you’re going to need it — in 2020. Okay, so you’ve got some time, but start getting ready, because Disneyland just announced that they’re opening a brand new Marvel Land. This isn’t the first we’ve heard about the addition, because Disney has actually been teasing it for at least a year at this point. And now, it’s confirmed. It’s happening. It’s time to assemble.

While details about the new land are pretty scarce, just like the Hulk’s location at any given point, what we do know is that the new land is going to be in California Adventure over at Disneyland. Know that beautiful Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission — BREAKOUT? Marvel Land (probably not the real name of it, but let’s just keep calling it that for the time being…) will be situated around that, but it’s going to need some more room. And since Disneyland will never ever part with the Frozen stage show, Marvel Land has to take over…A Bug’s Land.

RIP A Bug’s Land, 2001 — 2018.

This is not the worst thing in the world. It’s not like California is shutting down Soarin’. Come on, be honest, when is the last time you actually went into A Bug’s Land other than to just use the bathroom and/or cut through it to get to Cars Land faster? It was an area designed for the ~little ones~ in your life, and even as an adult, it’s probably safe to assume that It’s Tough to be a Bug freaks you TF out. Unless you’re like SUPER passionate about Flick and Hopper, this isn’t bad news.


And that’s about all we know about the new Marvel space. It’ll open in 2020! That’s only about two and a half years away at this point! But now knowing that this new land is coming, and knowing how epic Star Wars Land already looks, you might want to think about getting in line for Marvel Land right about…now.