Anna Sheffer
Updated April 11, 2018
Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

In March, the revelation that Facebook users’ data had been collected and used to make political ads caused #deletefacebook to trend. Amid the backlash against the company, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg agreed to testify before Congress about the data breach. And in the wake of the congressional testimony, which took place April 10th, the internet wasted no time making memes, particularly ones that suggest Zuckerberg is a lizard.

During Zuckerberg’s appearance, senators grilled him on the actions his company had taken to protect user data, and whether or not Facebook would make any changes to policy. In particular, Zuckerberg was questioned about whether or not he informed users as soon as he learned of the Cambridge Analytica breach, and Democratic senators asked him about the social network’s efforts to stop Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. At one point, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham even questioned whether or not Facebook could be considered a monopoly.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook had made mistakes in handling the Cambridge Analytica breach and Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He also acknowledged that the social network stores user data, but maintained that it does not sell data to advertisers. In the end, Zuckerberg apologized and said he was responsible for what happened.

Throughout the interrogation, the Facebook CEO remained calm and expressionless — at least on the surface. And this dispassionate attitude led some to joke about Zuckerberg’s humanity, with some claiming he is a secret lizard person.

Here are the best Mark Zuckerberg lizard memes.



But others thought his mannerisms were simply robotic.


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Zuckerberg will continue his testimony today, April 11th, and we’ll be watching for more details about Facebook’s user policy and how he plans to fix it. Or at the very least, we’ll be keeping an eye for more updates on Twitter’s lizard person theory.