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Unexpected guests are not really a thing anymore, even for Facebook founders. With so many ways to keep in touch with each other, it’s very rare for someone to come by without shooting a quick text. Even if they did, you’d probably expect a family member or someone you knew pretty well. Not a random famous person you’ve never met, and probably not Mark Zuckerberg. However an Ohio family just had that happen to them!

For real, Mark Zuckerberg just dropped in on an unsuspecting family for dinner!

Weirdly enough, this isn’t totally unexpected. Back in January, the Facebook founder challenged himself to to go to twelve new places this year, and meet with the people in each. His aim is to make sure that Facebook knows the concerns of all Americans, and can try to be relevant everywhere.

According to Jezebel, the only stipulation Mark had when reaching out to families to have dinner with was that they had to be Democrats who had voted for Trump. Also, he wanted to make sure they were open to talking about the future over dinner.

Even so, the Youngstown Vindicator reported that the Moore family only knew they were going to have a mystery guest; they didn’t know who it was going to be until he showed up! Apparently he made an awesome impression too. Daniel Moore told the Vindicator:

By the looks of his Facebook page, very cool guy Mark Zuckerberg is still on the road. Right after meeting with the Moore family he met with a group of people recovery opioid addiction in Dayton, Ohio. His last post has him meeting the Elkhart Fire Department in South Bend, Indiana for chicken and ribs!

We’re wishing Mark Zuckerberg the best on the rest of his trip! We think it’s awesome that he is taking time to meet with Americans across the country. Since let’s face it, they’re all definitely on Facebook! We can’t wait to see where he heads to next!