Mark Ruffalo
Credit: Andrew Toth/WireImage

Over the past week, protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have intensified dramatically, with dozens of arrests made on the frontlines of the conflict. Protesters are decrying the state’s deployment of increasingly militarized and increasingly violent law enforcement, as well as the lack of media focus on the crisis.

Fortunately, the protestors have a new advocate: the Hulk himself.

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo recently joined the protests at Standing Rock, delivering solar panels to help power the camp during cold weather. He spoke to CNN’s Jack Tapper about his experience. While he didn’t personally witness any acts of violence towards the protesters, he confirmed that officers were heavily armed and “very, very aggressive.” One young protester had had her arm broken; several others had been strip-searched and thrown in jail naked.

Despite being pressed by Tapper to “play devil’s advocate” and consider the developer’s argument (in short: the land is private and the tribes had their day in court already), Ruffalo stood firm: All rulings in favor of the Dakota Access Pipeline are superseded by the Standing Rock Sioux’s 1851 treaty with the federal government.

Despite the severity of the situation, however, Ruffalo still has hope, inspired by the unity and perseverance of the Native protestors.