Jandra Sutton
May 12, 2018 11:56 am

If you haven’t heard of Netflix’s new docuseries Evil Genius, prepare yourself. The four-part true crime documentary tells the chill-worthy story about the “pizza bomber heist,” and it’s definitely worth adding to your queue. While the case is stunning (and, okay, terrifying) on its own, Evil Genius covers Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong’s involvement as the “evil genius” behind the deadly crime. And, honestly? It’s definitely a must-watch.

Here’s a quick overview of Evil Genius. In 2003, a pizza delivery man walked into a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania with a bomb locked around his neck. He robbed the bank, and police apprehended him in a nearby parking lot soon after. However, it didn’t stop there. Police apprehended Brian Wells — the man wearing the bomb — and handcuffed him in a parking lot. Shortly after, while police waited for the bomb squad to arrive, the bomb began to beep. Then, it detonated and killed Wells.


So, what is Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong’s role in the case?

She was accused of masterminding the entire heist. But according to authorities, the pizza bomber heist wasn’t Diehl-Armstrong’s first crime. About a month after the incident, a neighbor who lived near the location where Wells made his last pizza delivery called the police. He said he had the body of Diehl-Armstrong’s ex-boyfriend in his freezer. He claimed Diehl-Armstrong murdered the man, but he also claimed it wasn’t related to the bombing.


Diehl-Armstrong wasn’t charged for the robbery until 2007.

She was one of several co-conspirators involved in the plan, which prosecutors believe even included Wells himself in a limited role. One of those charged, Kenneth E. Barnes, testified that Diehl-Armstrong allegedly planned the robbery and hoped to use the money to pay him to kill her father. And, according to Barnes, Diehl-Armstrong allegedly tried the bomb collar on Wells the day before the heist.

Watch the trailer for Evil Genius on Netflix below.

Sentenced to prison for her role, Marjory Diehl-Armstrong claimed that the “true killers are still out there.” She died in prison of natural causes in 2017, leaving the case officially closed. But Evil Genius explores the truth behind this event in a way that leaves us totally baffled.


All four episodes of Evil Genius are now streaming on Netflix.