It’s no secret that Mariah Carey has quite the reputation as a diva — and we mean that in the best way possible.

While chatting about her upcoming U.K. Christmas tour with The Guardian, writer Simon Hattenstone decided to get to the bottom of some diva-ish rumors about Mariah Carey, including her bathing in milk. Yes, really. While we’ve all heard that she likes to take a bath in mineral water, it turns out Mariah actually takes a bath in milk.

She told The Guardian about her surprising beauty secret, saying:

And in case you’re wondering, she prefers cold milk. That said, it doesn’t seem like she’s completely against the idea of bathing in mineral water. She tells The Guardian, “Well, I guess if there’s no clean water and I had to use mineral water, maybe I would.”

So is Mariah really on to something with this beauty treatment?

Back in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra supposedly bathed in milk (donkey’s milk, to be exact) as part of her beauty regimen, and it was done in ancient Rome times as well. But can this lactose-focused skin care technique be legit? We spoke to the experts at Farmhouse Fresh about the singer’s milk bath habit. Since they have a milk bath soak product, we wanted to know what they thought. Delia McLinden, VP of Sales & Business Development for Farmhouse Fresh, told HelloGiggles about the benefits of a milk bath.

Delia also explains that the reason dairy is a popular ingredient in skin care today is that, “People are looking for naturally nourishing ingredients — and milk and yogurt naturally contain beneficial fats and moisturizing properties.”

It looks like Mariah is definitely onto something here.

If dumping a gallon of milk in your tub is a bit too hardcore, you can always try out Farmhouse Fresh’s Coconut Cream Milk Bath. Not only is it made with whole powdered milk, but it’s formulated with coconut milk that nourishes skin and prevents water loss.

Credit: Farmhouse Fresh

A milk bath sounds pretty luxurious, and you can’t deny the benefits. We might just be taking a page from Mariah Carey’s book.