María María Acha-Kutscher wants to remind us that women are just as important as men in creating social change—and it’s all kinds of awesome.

According to her website, the Peruvian visual artist started her “Indignadas (Outraged Women)” project in 2012 in order to create a “visual record of [the] participation of women in recent public protests around the world.” The ongoing series features gorgeous, colorful portraits of female activists in protest, and includes everyone from Emma Sulkowicz to Gloria Steinem and Dorothy P. Hughes to participants in Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter rallies, and various SlutWalks.

“Indignadas” offers an extremely diverse and important representation of the role women have in social change. It is also a reminder of how important intersectionality is, and that issues outside of the “traditional” scope of what we consider women’s issues—racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and so many more—all still affect women, and are just as important and worthy of our efforts as we continue the fight towards equality.

Acha-Kutscher’s focus has always been women, and this series as well as much of her other work is a reflection of her passion for our historic (and ongoing) struggle for equality and social justice. “Indignadas” shows how women can and have made a difference, and that woman activists are just as crucial as their male counterparts in creating social change and therefore deserve equal recognition.

Her art is an exploration of womanhood, and of how we perceive femininity. It subverts the idea that women should in any way be represented as weak, and promotes the fact that our actions, opinions, and efforts matter. As Acha-Kutscher told Mic earlier this month, “Any initiative to make visible our history as women is essential and empowers us.” And her work does just that.

The series is only one of many that Acha-Kutscher has created that is as empowering for women as it is beautiful (we’re also particularly fond of her “Visual Bios” project)—which is exactly why she’s our Queen of the Day! All too often, women’s voices have been erased or softened, but we can create change. And Acha-Kutscher’s art is a visual reminder of that.

Check out more of Acha-Kutscher’s “Indignadas” series below, and check out her website for more of her work!

(All images courtesy of María María Acha-Kutscher.)