march for our lives
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

More than a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting that ended the lives of 17 people, March For Our Lives is finally here. The march — primarily organized in Washington, D.C., by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — has spread all over the country and even the world. On March 24th, thousands (if not millions) of people will take to the streets to show how important gun control is. And if you’re attending the march but need March For Our Lives slogans to adorn your signs with, look no further.

Unfortunately, March For Our Lives is hardly the first march for gun control, so plenty of people have made signs for events like this before. Finally, though, it seems like people who are demanding action may actually have a shot at being heard, and that’s why what you put on the sign you carry is so important — especially now.

Here are some powerful sign slogans that can have a huge impact on everyone who sees them. It’s hard to imagine the United States’s dangerous gun culture ever changing, but thanks to these kids (and countless others) who are fighting for the right side of history, that change might finally be coming.

1. If you don’t care who you’re inconveniencing

2. In it for the kids

3. There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun

4. A quote from Emma Gonzales

5. No one should be afraid to go to school

6. How important it is to not stay silent

7. Pointing out a ridiculous, but true, fact

8. What high school kids should really be doing

9. What arms are really for

10. A rhyme that could bring change

11. Pointing out how late it is for gun reform

12. The second amendment was written a really long time ago

13. This take on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legendary speech

14. Pointing out how possible change is

15. If you’re a student — or even if you aren’t

16. Why guns are more dangerous than other weapons

17. What going to school should really be about

18. Our lives depend on it

19. Books are way better

It’s a scary time in our country, but it doesn’t have to be that way — and hopefully, March For Our Lives will be a huge step toward changing the world for the better.