Crystal Ro
Updated June 10, 2016 3:21 pm
Pool / Getty

It feels like just the other day when we first met super hip first daughter, Malia Obama, and now she’s graduating from high school! (Feel old yet?)

That’s right she’s now a proud grad of Sidwell Friends High School. And, of course, it was no surprise that fellow parents at the graduation were pretty excited to see the Commander-in-Chief and family at this momentous event. false

The Washington Post reported earlier that the President, just like any other proud parents, said he would be “wearing dark glasses” because “[he’s] going to cry” at the graduation.


So, what’s in store next for this class of 2016 star? Well, we know she plans on taking a gap year (exciting!), and then in 2017 she’ll matriculate at Harvard.

Not too shabby.

Congratulations Malia and the entire class of 2016! (Can you spot her in this pic?!)

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