On Saturday, February 23rd, at one o’clock in the morning, all 24,000 followers of the @ElleOhHell Twitter account found out they had been majorly duped. Elle, a female comedian who had been tweeting jokes on the platform for years (and was even on lists like “30 of the Funniest Women You Should Be Following on Twitter“) disclosed that she is actually a he. In a series of tweets posted by the now-defunct Twitter account, “Elle” explained that his avatar photo—an illustration of a woman with a low bun—was actually his wife, who is currently divorcing him. “She knows about it,” Elle tweeted, “and was glad for me to have this creative outlet. The anonymity was very liberating, and honestly who would want to be a man on the internet. The unintended consequence was that people got hurt.”

Public deceit aside, the thing that perhaps makes this most disturbing is the fact that “Elle” used the account to DM with women who trusted “her.”

Jade shared screenshots of Elle’s confession and apology before the account was deleted.

Not only did Elle trick women into sharing intimate stories and issues with him, but he often made jokes about female-specific issues, like periods.

Before Elle logged off for good, he changed his avatar to a black circle and his header to the word “sorry.”

And Twitter is not here for the catfishing of 24,000 people.



We’re glad the truth finally came to light, and we hope that all the women Elle duped are doing okay.