Karen Belz
January 24, 2018 7:40 am

An image is going around the internet today that reveals a hard truth about the music industry. Singer Lily Allen retweeted a post that was originally created by Luke Bailey, a journalist from London. While examining a poster for the upcoming Wireless Festival, Bailey noticed that only three acts of the multiple-day festival were female performers. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of talented female musicians who’d have been willing to play.

The London festival, which is set up by LiveNation, is set to take place this summer in July. Past acts have included The Strokes, James Blunt, and The White Stripes. The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper were there last year, and this year, artists like J. Cole, Stormzy, and DJ Khaled are expected  to headline.

So far, the only women booked are Mabel, Lisa Mercedez, and Cardi B. Bailey’s Photoshopped poster got the point across better than any words could. “Wireless festival without the men is… not great.”

Here’s the original image.

And, here it is without any male artists.

As Allen noted, “The struggle is real.”

The tweet has since received a ton of deserved attention. Ellie Goulding also shared Bailey’s initial tweet.

Allen went one step further, and made a list of suggestions about who’d be good to add to the festival.

And some of her fans added more.

Hopefully this viral Twitter thread has opened the eyes of the people booking acts for the Wireless Festival this summer. Because there’s currently a glaring representation problem.