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The United States is currently anything but united. There are the Donald Trump supporters…and then the rest of the country that’s horrified by the current administration. But people in the U.S. aren’t the only ones taking a political stance against Trump. A British Beauty brand won’t sell products to Trump supporters, because it’s a completely anti-fascist company.

And their stance is completely controversial.

Makeup brand Illamasqua is taking a stance against Trump and his policies by pledging to “never knowingly” sell their products to Trump supporters. They’ve even asked their customers to take a pledge of “Human Fundamentalist” values.

These are the values they are asking their customers to uphold:

While those may be good values, some people on Twitter feel like the company’s demands are fascist in their own right.

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But others are fully supporting Illamasqua’s right to refuse to tolerate prejudice, sexism and racism.


Illamasqua knows that they won’t be able to stop people from buying their products, but it’s important to them to make their views known.

No matter whether you feel their stance is fair or not, we’re in interesting times when a beauty brand feels like it’s necessary to make this drastic of a political statement.