Bridey Heing
April 07, 2015 10:05 am

On Friday, Madonna posted a simple black and white photo to Instagram, and it’s an important statement. After having one photo removed from the site for showing a nipple, Madge posted another to underline the double standard of Instagram’s nudity policy, which allows male nipples but not female nipples to get past censors.

The photo, which was taken from her iconic 1992 book Sex shows Madge bending backwards with her breasts exposed. But in the version she posted on Instagram, a black bar covers her nipples. Madonna has never taken too kindly to censorship, so it’s no surprise she’s set her sights on Instagram’s policy, which is pretty sexist. The 1992 book from which the photo is taken was also a huge cultural statement, and we’re pumped to see her using images from it to take a stand today!

Madonna is joining ranks with a growing movement called #FreeTheNipple, which is calling for Instagram to update their policy. The movement was the focus of an IFC documentary late last year, and asks a simple question: Why are women’s nipples censored while men’s nipples aren’t? Given the overly sexualized cultural perception of the female breast — women who breastfeed in public are often shamed for being lewd — this movement is beyond important.

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have voiced their support, and back on Instagram Cara Delevingne posted this poignant photo a few months ago:

We hope Madonna’s post brings more and more attention to #FreeTheNipple and the question of continued female censorship overall.

(Images & Instagram)