For millions of people across the country (and the world) Christmastime is inextricably linked to one specific movie: Home Alone. So many millennials, their parents, and—yes, now—their children watch the movie every single year, and it’s officially still the highest-grossing holiday movie of all time. So we’re low-key losing our minds over the fact that Google just brought back Macaulay Culkin himself to reprise his iconic role as Kevin McCallister.

But this time, Kevin is all grown up (but still home alone) and using Google Assistant to help him with his various schemes and hijinks. The ad recreates a number of iconic scenes shot-for-shot, and our nostalgia-loving hearts can hardly take it.

Check out the ad below, ya filthy animals.

If you now crave even more grown-up Kevin, check out the below behind-the-scenes video in which Culkin describes what it was like returning to the role after all these years.

And, as expected, Twitter has lost its damn mind.


When Culkin, 38, isn’t reawakening our inner child in perfect holiday Google ads, he’s helming the lifestyle parody site (which he describes as “Goop meets The Onion”) and hosts the pop culture-themed Bunny Ears podcast, available on iTunes. Now excuse us while we go watch this ad 50 more times today and relive memories of Christmases past.