More than 100 Uber drivers are being accused of sexual assault.
Credit: Chris J. Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Since ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft burst onto the scene, these apps have been heavily (and rightfully) criticized for failing to properly screen potential drivers. Lyft and Uber have made attempts to address these safety concerns, but unfortunately, these efforts haven’t always been effective. In March, Uber came under fire for a report that the company had settled nine sexual assault allegations out of court. And now, a newly published CNN investigation has revealed that more than 120 Lyft and Uber drivers stand accused of sexual assault.

According to the CNN report, which was published yesterday, April 30th, 103 Uber drivers have faced sexual assault allegations since 2014. But these cases are only the ones that have been reported — the drivers involved are wanted by the police, have been arrested, or are facing civil suits as a result of their actions. CNN also found that 31 of these drivers have been convicted. Many of these cases involved riders who were assaulted while drunk. The article stated that these numbers came from police reports and court records, since there is no public record of sexual assaults committed by Uber or Lyft drivers. In addition to the 103 Uber drivers, 18 Lyft drivers have also been accused of sexual assault.

Uber executives reportedly did not comment to CNN about the investigation on the record. A Lyft spokesperson, however, told the news outlet that safety was a “top priority” for the app, and that it had “worked hard to design policies and features that protect our community.” false

After the findings were published, Uber issued a statement to several news outlets, writing that “safety is Uber’s top priority.”

The findings in this latest CNN report are appalling, and we need Uber and Lyft to take action. Customers who use ride-sharing apps deserve to feel safe. We need these companies to do better.