Build Series Presents Lucy Hale Discussing "Pretty Little Liars"
Credit: Mike Pont/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Lucy Hale showed off the best hack for minimizing a pimple, and you’re going to want to take note. The actress iced down the zit on her chin by using a Red Bull can. Don’t believe us? She shared a picture on her Instagram Stories of her holding the energy drink and placing it right over her pimple.

While most people use ice or an iced-down spoon to minimize their pimples (because the cold reduces inflammation), Lucy‘s take on this hack is brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to follow their skin care ritual with a refreshing drink? Any cool can will work—we’d probably go with a La Croix.

Lucy Hale’s Red Bull can pimple hack just blew our minds.

In her now-expired Instagram Story, the actress wrote, “Icing zits w Red Bull before bed. Try it. Love it.” Teen Vogue captured a screenshot of the image before it disappeared, so you can still see her caption for yourself.

So the next time you feel a zit making its way to the surface of your skin, you can reach for the nearest cold beverage in your home. If it works for Lucy, it works for us. We’re stocking up on cans, ASAP.