Karen Belz
Updated Feb 19, 2018 @ 11:20 am
Lucky Charms
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty images

Watch out, toasted oats — there’s a new marshmallow in town. Lucky Charms has just introduced a unicorn marshmallow after a pretty intense vote held by kids. Unlike other marshmallows — or, “marbits,” as they’re known in the cereal world — that have won past competitions, this one is set to be permanent.

The unicorn marshmallow will join both the original and chocolate versions of Lucky Charms. While some boxes are already available, the store is hoping to hit every major retailer throughout the month of March. Having children vote on the new shape was important to Josh DeWitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms, who noted the unicorn will be here for at least a decade.

Here’s what the marshmallow and the new box will look like:

Credit: Lucky Charms

And, here’s how they look mixed in with the classics.

Credit: Lucky Charms

Unfortunately, with the new addition, one of the older marshmallows had to say goodbye. The hourglass marshmallow, which has been included in each box for over ten years, didn’t make the cut. The other marshmallows that have remained in the mix include hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, rainbows, and red balloons. Fans of the cereal may remember the marshmallow jingle back from the ’90s, when pots of gold were in the mix.

We’re so happy that unicorns made the cut, and can’t wait to try a bowl ourselves!