If you’re headed out to see Love, Simon heed my warning: Bring tissues. Bring a lot of them. The new Greg Berlanti-directed film isn’t one that’s going to leave you sobbing hysterically because you’re so sad, but rather because you’re so happy. It’s a perfect story about boy meets boy, and how boy comes out to his friends and family and in the process finally learns how to become comfortable with himself.

There are a few moments in the film that might make you sniffle, and a handful of ones that will make you to ugly cry in the theater. But don’t worry about being the only one crying in public, as there’s a 99% chance everyone else in the audience will be tearing up along with you. And hey, maybe this will make you feel better: The cast and crew of Love, Simon have been crying a lot, too.

Yes, even while filming.

“The one scene I think everyone got emotional [about] when we were working on it was between Simon and his mom,” Nick Robinson, who plays the titular Simon, explains to HelloGiggles. “There were grips [working on set] who were crying…people really got emotional. People don’t [realize they] need to hear [those words] until they’re said. That was probably the one day where it got hot and heavy. No! Not hot and heavy, emotional.”

“We read the script [and we’re still crying],” Alexandra Shipp, who plays Simon’s friend Abby, jumps in. “I saw it finally in New York with an audience and I was just like [mimics crying], ‘Wait, what, I’m in this!’ I’m losing all my cookies.”

Feel free to take comfort in the fact that your tears over Simon’s perfect love story are in good company. Love, Simon comes out in theaters on March 16th.