Getting inspired by other artists is what being a creator is all about. However, blatant stealing is never okay. And on November 12th, Lorde accused Kanye West and Kid Cudi of ripping off her set design at a recent concert. During Coachella 2017, Lorde debuted a set that incorporated a tilting glass box with dancers. She then took the glass box on the road for her Melodrama World Tour, which wraps up later this month. Kanye West and Kid Cudi appeared in an extremely similar contraption at their Sunday, November 11th performance at Camp Flog Gnaw, a concert curated by Tyler, the Creator held this year at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

And Lorde took note.

For reference, here’s Lorde’s set design, co-created by Es Devlin:

And here’s Kanye and Kid Cudi performing at Camp Flog Gnaw this past weekend:

However, as TMZ also notes, while Devlin has worked with Lorde, she’s also extensively worked with Kanye over the yearsand on many of his major tours. Devlin weighed in on the controversy, posting a photo of a 2007 opera she designed that also featured a glass box, writing that she saw no negative or intentional overlap between Lorde and Kanye’s sets.

Neither Kanye nor Cudi have responded to Lorde’s accusation at this time, but it’s definitely starting to look like this is more a case of creative overlap (as opposed to intentional thievery).