We’ve barely recovered from the excitement of the latest royal wedding on May 19th. But it turns out the royal family is already preparing for more upcoming nuptials — and this one will be the first same-sex marriage in the history of the British monarchy!

A June 15th article from the Daily Mail revealed that Lord Ivar Mountbatten, one of Queen Elizabeth’s cousins, will marry his partner, James Coyle, in a ceremony later this summer. Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s extravagant celebration, however, Mountbatten’s wedding will be much more low-key. The wedding will be held in a private chapel on his estate in Devon, England, attended by the couple’s closest friends and family.

Coyle told the Mail that his and Mountbatten’s relationship would be “a very modern marriage.”

Mountbatten, who was in a heterosexual marriage for 16 years before he came out in 2016, told the publication that his fiancé has been accepted by his whole family — including his three daughters. During the ceremony, his ex-wife, Penny Thompson, will even be the one to give him away (our hearts!). According to, Thompson and Mountbatten divorced eight years ago, before he came out publicly.

In the interview, Mountbatten also said that he wanted to have the wedding for the sake of his partner.

We’re so happy to see the British royal family accepting its LGBTQ members. This is a huge step forward.

Congratulations to Mountbatten and Coyle!