Toria Sheffield
Updated Jan 05, 2018 @ 2:35 pm
Logan Paul Japan
Credit: Logan Paul Vlogs /

This week, YouTuber Logan Paul received national attention for posting a wildly insensitive video of a victim of suicide in Japan’s “Suicide Forest.” The internet celebrity has since removed and apologized for the video — but it now appears as though Logan Paul’s trip to Japan was even more offensive than many of us realized, and we’re not sure any amount of apologizing can undo the damage (or treacherous behavior).

Before the controversial forest video was posted, Paul shared several other videos of his time abroad, which largely serve as a compilation of his disrespectful and racist antics throughout the trip.

At one point Paul dons a traditional kimono while making stereotypical “Asian” hand and facial gestures. At other times he tosses eels and fish at moving cars, throws stuffed animals at store owners and local police as if he’s “playing Pokémon,” and mocks an elderly woman who does not speak English. He does all of this while sarcastically saying that he must be “respectful” while in another culture.

Paul’s behavior was both juvenile and offensive, and showcases an unapologetic display of white privilege and ignorance. As one of the video’s commenters, Sam M. wrote, “Instead of being respectful and taking the time to learn something, Logan Paul squandered the opportunity. Surprise, surprise.” Others noted that Paul is an “embarrassment” to his own culture by having so little regard for the culture of others.

Here’s an abbreviated version of the videos posted:

And here’s one of the full posts:

Paul has yet to comment on or apologize for his actions in these specific videos, but one thing is clear: An apology is necessary, and we sincerely hope Paul is held accountable. For our own part, let’s use this as a crucial reminder to be respectful, kind, and self-aware, no matter where we are or who we’re dealing with.